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AKUXBLOSSOM OFFICIALLY CANONLadies and gentlemen, friends and foes, etc:
We are gathered here today in honor of our precious babies, to celebrate a triumph previously unknown to our kind. Yes, the small but devout followers of the cult of Akublossism can now savor the sweet taste of satisfaction knowing their wildest dreams are at hand. I speak of absolution, my friends. I speak of the glory of the massive and indestructible ship we sail, and our conquest of the turbulent waters of the internet to spread our gospel to every fandom-shore.
I speak of endless possibilities, or more specifically, ONE possibility that has been acknowledged by Cartoon Network.
Some of you may be aware of IDW Publishing's new endeavors with Cartoon Network properties. Some of you may even be aware of one such project, Super Secret Crisis War, a work that includes both Aku and Blossom in its plot.
Long have we awaited this day, and at last it has come. Today may it be known that when the disbelieving world looks down upon us as fo

In light of the new development I decided to post better quality pics and info....

What we have is the trope, Terms of Endangerment.

For the linkphobic:
"No matter how informal people are (or say they are), there are some forms of address that are simply inappropriate between two people if they haven't developed a personal relationship that merits their use: pet names (like "Snookums" or "Honeybunch") and terms of endearment ("my dear", "darling", "honey", and the like). Now, add in stalkers, obsessive villains, or powerful enemies and an otherwise inappropriate pet name becomes downright creepy. Another term along these lines that more indicates frustration than any additional creep factor is "buddy," which when used between strangers often indicates that a fight is about to break out soon.

It implies a non-existent closeness, or that the addressed somehow belongs to the addresser. Even if the one using these endearments doesn't mean the target harm, there's an undercurrent of wrongness in the way the addresser thinks and acts that makes them seem mentally unstable and dangerous. (Unless it's just an act designed to irritate or distract the enemy and get him off his game.)

Usually, the nicer the pet name is, the worse the fate in store is. A form of Casual Danger Dialog, and a menacing variation of Flirting Under Fire. Generally a "milder" form of I Have You Now, My Pretty. "

Also, Sweetpea is a VERY creepy pet name for Aku to be using towards Blossom here....if you know what those flowers are, and what they generally symbolize ^^;

This isn't the only scrap we have, though:

And this gem from Jack, who has clearly never seen the fandom:

It is a good day when crossover crack gets Pandering To The Fanbase. We don't actually know if it's pandering but HEY WHATEVER STILL SUPER COOL <3
More Journal Entries

Hi there, FOOLS!

WELCOME to the official group for the Aku/Blossom ship! Here we gather everything related to the couple. Because of the nature of the pairing, members tend to have plenty of different ideas and tastes concerning it...basically, the keyword here is variety! For some it's an ultimate OTP, for others it's silly crack; we all have our own reasons for uniting here in this group.

Join/Affiliation requests are automatically approved.


1. Submit ONLY works with both Aku and Blossom involved. Exceptions are single-character images of Aku or Blossom, and fan-children. Each exception has its own folder.

Submissions must be approved before entering the group. If your submission breaks this, it will not be approved.

2. Do not harass other members. Do not flame other members. Violation of this rule will result in a ban/block.

3. We welcome different opinions and are open for intelligent debate. However, there is a difference between discussion and fighting. If you're trolling or looking to stir shit up, you'll be ignored. If your comments are entertaining we might humor you.

4. All work is accepted to the gallery as long as it follows rule #1.

5. We accept any interpretation of the pairing--including non-romantic versions. If you depict a hate-filled battle between Aku and Blossom, we want it. We love them even if they don't love each other...the group isn't JUST for supporting them as partners but as friends and/or enemies as well.

This group is active :bulletgreen:

If you have suggestions or questions, leave a comment :)












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Jyxia Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Such a lovely ship this is,  thank you teacupballerina for that you came up with it! Because it was you who started to ship them, right? :)
KG-44 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yes hello again, I've been meaning to ask you something.

Are crossovers allowed?

Because I'm working on Queen Blossom meeting Slender Lisa. (Unfortunately I didn't have enough room for Aku and Slender Man)

So can it added to this club?
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KG-44 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This drawing is related to AkuBloss, so can it be in the gallery?…
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shadowdelta47 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
....this is the strangest shipping I've EVER SEEN.
.....and strangely draws me in......
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Eastervampire Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are doing a queen Blossom dress design contest or not? Just wondering.
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